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September 2019

Project Support for City Explorers Sigmund Jähn Grammar School Fuerstenwalde/Spree

This summer, the city walk in Fuerstenwalde/ Spree led into the diametral topics of innovative industry for the energy transition in the west and perforated city of serial residential blocks in the east of the district Nord. This also reflects the topics which the class 6b of the Sigmund Jaehn Primary School should work on subsequently: On the one hand findings answers to the greenfields left by city and housing policy of the 2000s, and on the other hand dealing professionallly with the topic of climate change.

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March 2019

Exhibition: Young Aspects for Potsdam’s City Center

As participants in the European Heritage Site Year “Sharing Heritage” 2018, the city explorers of the art class 11th grade at the Leibniz Secondary School Potsdam together with project support Alexander Paul were confronted with the Old Market and its surroundings. With the selection of this topic, which has been in the public focus for 30 years, the students were required to deal more intensively with the history of the buildings which shape the city center in class. Thus, the topic of architectural history, which was already part of the syllabus, led to lessons on the spot where the students were able to get acquainted with different approaches to dealing with the cultural heritage of true-to-original, critical or post-modern reconstruction. Also the fact that most of the Potsdam buildings are not Baroque originals but copies of the Italian Renaissance. The different ways in which city planners dealt with urban space through the ages also met with great interest.

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September 2018

Project Support for City Explorers Sun Grammar School Fuerstenwalde/Spree

Finding the features in the center of Fuerstenwalde, by which both children and adults can be inspired, and develop new potential – that was the task of the city walk which led the class 5b of the Sun Grammar school in Fürstenwalde-Nord in icy temperatures across the train station and city park into the center of the “Cathedral city”. In the subsequent workshop, it quickly became clear that the special feature of Fuerstenwalde really is the division into three parts which are separated from each other by the railway tracks and the Spree river.

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October 2017

Project Support for City Explorers Leibniz Secondary School Potsdam

At the end of the school year a project week of creative exploration of architecture and urban planning – that’s why class 5a of the Leibniz-Gymnasium in Potsdam quickly got excited. The students also named themes in advance, which were to be reflected, ranging from the pollution of public space to environmental and climate protection. In the city of Potsdam,  large and with an abundance of interesting architectural and urban topics, there had to be found a focus on a specific place. In extremely close voting, the students opted for the residential areas Konrad-Wolf-Park and Kirchsteigfeld on their own doorstep.

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