Refurbishment of Garage in Berlin-Moabit

Services:         Design and permit planning, fire safety concept
Category:       Cultural use
Client:             Darwich
Light design:   Anne Boisell
Planning:         2018
Construction:   2018-2019
GFA:               994 sqm

The refurbishment of a parking garage on the first floor of a residential building in Berlin’s Turmstrasse, which is no longer in use, will tackle a number of socially highly topical issues: Parking space for the automobile will be abandoned in favor of creating spaces for the integration of refugees. On the ground floor, the demolition of the access ramp eliminates problematic dark spaces in favor of an attractively illuminated passage between Ottopark and Turmstraße as well as further space for commercial use.

The caesura of the parking garage’s open storey is preserved with a uniformly profiled, fully glazed window strip and provides the rather excited façade from the 1980s a quietly structured pedestal, without neglecting to refer to this.

Despite the typically garage-scarce room height generous room for cultural and religious uses have emerged. The measure is part of the district’s extensive efforts to make Ottopark a safe place again.